23 August 2021

Does your marketing need an oil change?

When a client asks us to help them promote a product or service, we always want to know more about their marketing and PR activities. We look at three distinct areas:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Sales Conversion
  3. Brand Awareness

Why these three?  Well, these are the holy trinity of effective sales and marketing. To get sales, you need to generate leads, right? But there’s no point in generating leads unless you convert them into sales.

Factors one and two are basically the engine of your marketing. Your business is going nowhere without them.

Brand Awareness

But what a great many younger businesses don’t understand (before they come to us, that is) is the importance of the third element – brand awareness – in getting the most effective performance from your lead generation and sales conversion tactics.

Essentially, brand awareness is like adding oil to your marketing engine. You might generate leads with your SEO and PPC campaigns and convert them using the great UX on your website. But more people will click your search results or PPC ads if they have heard of your brand (read our previous blog on creating a buzz around your brand).

They’ll also be more comfortable completing a transaction on your website if your brand was already known to them before they got there.

Sales v Being Known

Your superstar salesperson might be great at setting meetings and smashing it out of the park in their presentations, but it will be a lot easier for them if the prospect has heard of your company before taking the call or sitting down for the meeting.

You might get all your business from referrals and recommendations, but think how reassuring it feels when someone recommends a company, and you’ve actually already heard of them.

Nobody likes unknowns. That’s why it’s important to Be Known. Being known means your business is running at optimum efficiency. It’s what will help you pull ahead of the pack and become the leader…if that’s what you want?

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