30 November 2023

Hit your target: strategic communications done properly

From small businesses consisting of just one or two people, to large corporations of hundreds and thousands, there’s still a formula to follow that will ensure your communications have the desired direction and impact, meaning your messages hit the right target. If you’re creating a strategic communications strategy for the coming year, check out our advice here.

We asked four of our seasoned public relations and communications specialists for their top tips for strategic communications and the power of sharing a good story.

Power of Purpose

Greg Wilson, on the benefits of authentic brand purpose:

“Having a true purpose is at the heart of any genuine brand story. And when you have an integral purpose, you have a great story to tell.

“Purpose includes an intrinsic set of values, that drives a business beyond increased annual profits or shareholder benefits.

“Let’s be clear about purpose and not let it become just another buzzword.”

Authentic storytelling

Claire Stephenson MCIPR, on genuine content and storytelling:

“Authentic storytelling can greatly impact your public relations efforts. Creating content that has a genuine purpose, but moreover, adds real value to your stakeholders/audience. Aim for this.

“People have had enough of cheap gimmicks and blatant sales pitches: they want fresh, honest and clever stories from brands they can trust.”

Internal communications

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Michael Gregory MCIPR FRSA, on internal communications:

“Don’t forget the importance and power of internal communications.

“If you’re embarking on a strategic communications campaign, let your people know first what’s happening in your organisation.

“Don’t let them find out what’s happening in the media.”

Quality of content

Mark Sutcliffe, on the quality of communications content:

“The first step to posting higher quality content is to step off the treadmill and refocus time and resources on creating high-quality content that’s relevant to the target audience to achieve what we, in the trade, call ‘cut-through’.

“Giving greater care and consideration to what you post in terms of its appeal, relevance, usefulness, originality, distinctiveness and creativity is likely to achieve greater ‘cut-through’ than wishing all your followers a ‘fab weekend’ or ‘happy Tuesday’.

“Setting the quality bar higher will inevitably reduce the volume of content an organisation is capable of creating. Social media platforms will continue to reward frequency, but genuinely engaged audiences will appreciate the improved quality of the information you share.”

As always, we are here to help if your business needs a powerful strategy to ensure that your audience(s) are kept informed and engaged in the best way possible, driving your business forward.

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