8 February 2021

Creating powerful brand messages that matter: know your ABCs

There are millions of ways to describe an approach to communications-thinking, but whether it’s a public health campaign or a drive to sell more of your products, your audiences need to understand your brand messages easily and quickly.

We have a simple but effective process to test brand or campaign messages in a three-stage filter:


It has to be accurate.  Just has to be. Your target audiences, whether in a B2C or B2B environment, want promises to match their expectations. And they have many ways to check what you say is accurate. And true.

Advice: Check, check and check again.


Don’t overstay your welcome with a message. Make it brief. If you can’t make it succinct and reduce it to a few words, it’s likely that it’s too complex for your audience. You can expand later, but for getting attention, be brief.

Advice: Use the delete button wherever you can and don’t be too smart.


Be clear. Use straightforward language, appropriate to the audience. If it’s red, say it’s red; not a delicious splash of vibrant crimson.

Advice: Test your message on a colleague. Is it clear first time?

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