23 December 2020

Why public relations helps remove fear

Listening to some words of wisdom from wonderful award-winning sales training firm Sales Geek, I learnt a simple equation for sales. 

Need + Value – Fear = Sales

When you see it laid out like that, it seems so simple, like one of those things that is so obviously true when you see it, you can’t believe you’ve never heard it before.

To achieve sales, you need to establish who has a need, demonstrate the value you can provide in meeting that need, and take away the fear of going ahead.

While the beautiful logic of it looks so simple, there is, of course, a huge amount of process that goes into achieving success with those three factors. Need, as identified in the equation, can basically be translated as lead generation. Whatever you do for lead generation, be it SEO, networking, mailshotting, you’re basically establishing who has a need for what you do or sell.

Value is easily translated as sales conversion. Whatever you do to convert those leads into sales, be it your website UX, or your hotshot in a Mondeo with the awesome literature, you’re demonstrating your value and the specifics of why you are better than your competitor.

But how do you take away the fear?

You can build a process for lead generation and a follow-up process for sales conversion. But take away the fear? Where is the process for that? How can you have a process for something so ethereal?

You could argue that that’s the stuff of magic. And it is, and I do. It’s the magic of brand awareness, or to use another term, PR. Good old-fashioned PR. Being famous, sometimes seemingly for being famous’ sake. Therein lies the magic. It’s what great brands and great companies are built on. Brand awareness is about taking way the fear.

It’s about being the salesperson from the famous brand against the salesperson from the unknown quantity. It’s about being the website you’ve already heard of, not the sidebar scrabbler. It’s about being the obvious choice from the outset. It’s why big brands do it, and why they are big brands. Say hello to public relations and goodbye to buyer fear.

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